Made and tested by Pros.  


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Greater Control for Everyone From Musician to Sound Engineer...And Personal Practice, too!

SOUND REFLECT   It's time you had control of the sound you want to project!

The makers of Sound Reflect Sound Shields come from the Professional Music field and know what you are up against. No more battles between Musician and Sound Engineer. THE POWER STRUGGLE IS OVER. Finally, a well made sound shield that can keep up with your best!

MUSICAN VERSUS SOUND ENGINEER VERSUS STAGE VOLUME.  SOUND REFLECT sound shields give both the musician and the Sound Engineer much greater ability to tailor their sound to their own needs. Musicians complain that they cannot hear themselves properly and Sound Engineers struggle to balance the stage sound with the audience sound. SOUND REFLECT sounds shields create a cavern of sound reflection back to the musician so that they can hear themselves clearly while the Sound Engineer can tune the sound to the stage and the room at the same time. It's the best of both worlds!

ON STAGE PERFORMANCE. Are you tired of over-blowing on a loud stage because you cannot hear yourself?! Many Pros recommend Sound Reflect Sound Shields as a remedy for overblowing on stage. Why wear yourself out when you don't have to?!  SOUND REFLECT sound shields help you to clearly hear what you a playing and can save those precious chops. There is a real difference! 

PRACTICE TIME! Use your sound shield to listen much more closely to your  practice sessions. Pros tell us that they can practice articulation much more effectively by playing into their Sound Reflect  Sound  Shields, and with correct posture and playing positioning. The Executive Pro  Series clamps to just about anything from microphones, to music stands, even to the sides for your desk. Use them to help you improve your personal game!


ACCESSORIZED and CUSTOMIZED. Make your sound shield into the perfect tool for you! Go ahead and create to your personal preferences. Add a Mini-Camera, Phone Mount, Chromatic Tuner and more... Make it yours!


FEEDBACK AND REVIEWS. We listen to the feedback we get from pros. One pro tested a sound shield by putting it under a spare tire to break it. We redesigned the shield to be stronger. One pro was out of tune, we redesigned to add a Chromatic Tuner mount. We listen! Take a look at our GALLERY/REVIEWS page and see the results. 

Made and tested by PROS.  FOR US.